How to develop imagination and enhance their creativity?

How to develop imagination and enhance their creativity?
 Imagination and fantasy - all the necessary components of any creative work. These qualities are directly related to the way the human brain works. Imagination is not only useful for those who need to come up with a plot for a new picture or create an advertising campaign. Even way out of difficult life circumstances people are looking for it is through the imagination, with its help shape his life and career.

Basis for imagination

How to determine the imagination? We can say that it is the ability to generate images and ideas based on the information that a person already has. Therefore, for the development of creative skills just need to improve their cultural and educational level, and to understand it is quite widely. Useful for the power of imagination images can draw not only on the exhibition and educational courses, but also in the form of trees, types of sunsets, and throughout the environment. Any information that a person receives from the outside world, is processed by the brain, and then use your imagination.

Some people believe that they have no imagination, and the development of imagination is impossible for them. It just can not be. Everyone can imagine some situation, some predict what will happen next in his life, to choose a career. All this is done with the help of imagination. Therefore, the question of how to develop all the abilities of a person, be sure to start with in order to develop the power of his imagination.

Methods of imagination

If you do not know how to develop your creativity, there are simple exercises that can perform any person. The only problem is that is not enough to achieve the effect once think about it, you need to feed your imagination regularly.

Try to imagine any situation. It does not necessarily have to be involved you are, it could be anyone. The situation must have some foundation, to which you can attach a variety of details: the smells, the colors, the characters actors, surface texture, whatever. The deeper and more detailed your imagination, the greater the benefit to the imagination.

The logical part of the mind can resist: "What kind of nonsense? Better to go and get down to business! "Turn off the logic briefly, this time belongs only to the creative.

More watch the world go by. Unusual ideas and associations can lurk everywhere, in the most unexpected places. Sign a special notebook or record phone especially successful discoveries and experiences. If you are looking for material for creative work, so you can collect a lot of interesting things.

Another enemy of the imagination - this inner critic. Tell him that his services will be needed when you make the finished work, but not during the generation of ideas.

Imagination - active creativity. Like so much else, by omission, it spoils. This means that for its development is necessary to implement the ideas that come to your mind. Most importantly, the start and did not throw this thing, let alone success will come necessarily.

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