How to achieve inner balance

How to achieve inner balance
 Stress, tension, bad mood - it is, above all, the investigation "confusion and vacillation" in the inner world. However, there are effective ways to achieve a balance on their own, to again be in harmony with yourself and others.

Every three urban dwellers is a "rickety state", because the constant bustle of movement generates a lot of controversy. How not to get lost in the bustle of the city, do not get caught in traffic and not to suffocate in a crowd of people on public transport as not to breathe dirty air, how much and successful work, but at the same time to avoid congestion on the job - think about such things oppressed. And if you ignore this condition, then after a while it will affect the mood, self-esteem, appearance and health. Decrease of performance, poor sleep, apathy, and a feeling of hopelessness - all very prevents to live like human beings. After some time, this condition becomes chronic. Already suffering hormones and the immune system. In the body begin to penetrate viruses.

Signs of psychological "lostness" and uncertainty, lack of internal rasnovesiya - a reduction in activity; constant feeling of unease, "inconvenience"; insomnia; excessive irritability; alienation from everything. If a lot about knocks you out of a rut, it's time to take himself in hand and begin to fight.

One of the main ways of achieving balance are exercise (think, for example, yoga, martial arts or ballet). However, for starters, you can enroll in dance - for example, oriental or flamenco. However, any exercise will help prevent depression, since any physical activity leads to increased levels of endorphins - the hormones of optimism. Try it in a bad mood to come to the gym or jogging in the park - the mood will improve, replace the sad thoughts come joyful. Helps relieve tension and meditation.

Learn to relax and switch easily from one class to another. Focus on the children who are always in harmony with each other. At the end of the day it is not necessary to scroll up with the idea about business, think of home as a comfortable and quiet. Over the weekend, do not sit in four walls; invent interesting activities, communicate with different people. Spend more time outdoors.

Support in the process of achieving a balance - proper nutrition and vitamins. Unnatural food only increases stress. Give up fast food instead of instant coffee and milk drinks gazirovok drink clean water and normal.

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