Good bad girl

Good bad girl
 Sooner or later, before the girl raises the question of how to behave with others. Of course, much depends on education and character, but there are times when about a girl growing up, become real rebel. Every man for himself decides, it will be good or bad. It turns out that these two concepts can coexist simultaneously in one person.
 Since childhood, girls are taught to what they should be obedient and cute. Beautiful dresses, bows, pink dreams eventually become useless. Not many people manage to stay in the world where there is no violence, anger and injustice. When a good girl, growing up, realize that it's not around as she had imagined, it scares her. Most often, these people are turning to their kindness and naivety. More often they are not respected. This happens not because she does not appreciate or negordaya itself. Just around quickly realize that for their attitude she did not demand in return that it can endure everything and everything is simple.

There is also the exact opposite of this type of girls. They know what they want, not always defer to others, achieve their goals. They may offend people and not give it much importance. Can go to the head and consider it a matter of course. They are much easier to come to your boss and ask for an increase because they know their own worth. Rebel in most cases, self-confident and will not throw themselves and their feelings.

It is believed that good girls go to heaven, while the poor get to where they want to. But this does not mean that I'll be better. Rather, quite the contrary. The woman is the epitome of beauty, goodness and tenderness. All this does not really fit in with the image of a bad girl.

Here, as in many others, should seek a "middle ground." You can look bad, to achieve their goals and still be nice and tender. This applies to both public and private life. For example, many men prefer the gentle and good girls who can transform into a bed in a very, very bad girls. The ability to combine these two components allows the balance on the edge and maneuver in today's reality.

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