Five injuries that hampered be yourself

Five injuries that hampered be yourself
 Once the human race will be rating the greatest educators, teachers of mankind. And among others it surely will meet the name of Liz Bourbeau - founder of the self-development center in Quebec, psychologist, philosopher and author of the books that have helped millions of people find themselves. Among these books - "Five injuries that prevent to be myself." What is it?

All people wear masks. Statement is not new, even beaten. Question - why they do it, and what lies behind these masks?

And lurking behind him suffering. And wearing masks, all the people are trying to hide from others and from themselves their pain, their psychological trauma. Mask - is a means of self-defense and, at the same time, the act samopredatelstva.

According to the observations Liz Bourbeau, there are only five psycho obtained man because it:

- Humiliated;
- Rejected;
- Left;
- Betrayed;
- Treated him unfairly.

Each of these injuries have certain masks. The deeper the trauma, the more it hurt the very flesh of the soul - the more often a person puts on his mask behind which hides his suffering - from himself and from others, and the thicker the mask. Why do other - it is clear. People are cruel. But that's hiding his pain away from you like a plaster sticking to the festering wound.

Mask lays mark not only on the behavior, but also on the person's appearance. Sooner or later he fused with his mask, and it completely changes it. More precisely, a substitute.

Mask outcast

The man who was once rejected (unwelcome - random - baby, toddler wrong sex, which wanted the parents, and the like), sooner or later puts on a mask fugitive. This man his whole appearance gives the impression of something awkward, eludes understanding.

His body seemed to consist of heterogeneous fragments miracle cobbled together together. It crouched, as if trying to escape from this world. Small face, tiny eyes .... This rather pathetic character did not seem sure of his right to exist, it tends to only one - is not present in this world, so as not to suffer.

Mask abandoned

Feels abandoned by people (children) who wish to, accept, but to a certain point. Once parents left him (often, for another baby, work or something else). A child at this moment experiencing real pain of loss, and it is forever changing it.

A typical mask is the mask abandoned dependent. Physically, this translates into an elongated slim. In dependence of the weak muscles, big sad eyes - as a child, constantly in need of support.

This man is convinced that he can not achieve on their own. He does not live - it exists from a single act of help from others to another. Abandoned - a typical victim. He tends to dissolve in the other person and not able to be alone. Abandoned once, he is most afraid of being abandoned again, and is trying to avoid it.

Mask humiliated

Toddler who humiliated in childhood, creates a mask masochist. Considering himself unworthy, dirty, humiliated grow a porcine fat body with a short neck, round face, barrel-shaped outline.

What is the meaning of this "bochkopodobnosti"? Masochist trying to take as many places in the environment and the lives of others. At the same time, the excess fat on the body - a reliable shield against shock and pain. Masochist doing everything to become indispensable, as useful as possible to others, while ignoring their own needs and desires. What kind of freedom ...

Mask of who betrayed

A survivor of the experience of betrayal, vyleplivaet for controlling the mask. Logical - the one who controls everything and everyone, there will be no one betrayed. Devotee usually has a powerful strong body: men - broad shoulders, muscular arms; women - three-dimensional hip and "breeches." Very often, all these features plus not rounded belly outstanding - one more "protective strengthening" and the element mask.

Controlling always believed in his innocence, thus avoiding conflict episodes, fearing they lose control. Multi-talented, quick thinking makes controlling impatient and often intolerable. This man wants the whole world to dance to his tune and is terrified of losing control even over anything.

Mask victims of injustice

A child victim of conformism, authoritativeness and cold, as well as from the constant nagging parent gets injured injustice. To hide this injury, he creates for himself and puts on a mask rigidity.

What outwardly expressed this mask? It provides direct perfect slender body, rounded buttocks, clear skin, open uncomplicated look for women - a small growth.

Rigid people - perfectionists. Their desire for everything to be perfect, right, comes to the absurd. The most common emotion experienced by rigid - anger. And most of all - anger at himself.

What conclusions suggest themselves after reading a book about the five injuries and finding its features portraits of injured? Self-love does not tolerate masks. And in order to love yourself, you must know and accept their essence, their injuries, their pain. Take - and let go home. That is what the book teaches wise woman Liz Bourbeau.

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