Emotional economy. How to get rid of the empty feelings?

Emotional economy. How to get rid of the empty feelings?
 Our emotional state affects absolutely everything: the well-being of the body, relationships with others, and, of course, family. Sometimes we get annoyed about the events that come to us are not directly related, listen to complaints friends witnessing the conflict, and in the evening feel the absolute prostration. How to learn to get rid of the empty feelings?

It is human nature to look guilty on the side. And only ourselves to blame. Thoughtless, wasteful we waste our internal energy, its potential for empty experience. What most robs us of power? The first place for all kinds of energy consumption are showdown.

Sometimes unpleasant conversation took place a few hours ago, or even days, and we still scroll it in your mind. Remembering all the unpleasant words that are heard, unjust accusations, again and again spoken out everything that is said in response. Promised myself never to communicate, not to worry and again repeated all around.

Correct to say, "All that's enough! "Cry and stopped, analyzed the situation, made to a conclusion, and we live on. Nor does it help? Then control your thoughts. If you are back to their experiences, switch to something else, important at the moment or just pleasant. Of course, the way of thinking has a certain inertia, and immediately to wean themselves from empty "chewing rate" will not work. But believe me, if you regularly practice this in a month or two it will be like at the click of a switch.

We tend to sympathize, empathize, not only in real situations, but when we look at TV shows, documentaries, read books - the mechanism of the imagination. Ahead of responsible action, and we are once again going through, do not sleep, think, imagine a situation of failure, it turns out that we program ourselves in trouble instead draw up a specific plan of action and stick to it. If you will be speaking in public, arrange rehearsal before the mirror - it will strengthen your confidence and will not allow time for senseless experiences and modeling scenarios unsuccessful. It is better to think about all the details, the way out of difficult situations.

Believe me, there is no such person in the world who would be able to avoid failures and errors, which everyone always been able to follow through. The optimist will take into account all the errors and mistakes and will move to Sway goal pessimists will remember all my life failures and stop moving forward. Correct only one way out - to solve problems encountered on the way and move on.

Do not live emotions, toxic life. Learn how to save their psychological forces, their positive energy, do not waste it on an empty experience. The more you think positively, the less trouble you will be.

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