Emotional burnout and stress - the path to depression

Emotional burnout and stress - the path to depression
 Burnout syndrome - a term only recently came into our lives. It is connected to a greater extent with occupational stress and emotional exhaustion. Is it true that all this together can lead to a deep depression?

The cause of burnout is considered to impact on the body of professional stress for a long time. Recent studies suggest that it is quite a common problem among health care workers, education, law enforcement, services and others.

Stress in the workplace can be caused by a mismatch requirements for the employee and his personal internal resources. Due to overload and fatigue the body reacts emotional detachment, while there is a physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, personal detachment, increased dissatisfaction with the work performed, and, if the situation does not change as a result are becoming more manifest symptoms of depression.

The fact that the body, after any necessary voltage shocks or a few days to recover. But in an environment of constant stress there is no recovery time, and the depletion of energy resources, which ultimately leads to serious disturbances in the form of depression and neurosis. And they have themselves, in turn, lead to various serious violations of somatic and emotional state of the oppressed.

Well, if they have an overload, and get rid of stress does not work, what to do? Surrender to the will stress and plunge into depression? In any case! In the first place will rest and a change of scenery.

If you can not take a vacation, then you need to plan their affairs so as to allow sufficient time for recovery. No need to work at home to solve the problem, it is better not to think about work. Take the time to communicate with loved ones and family, meeting friends and just to rest and sleep. If you can not handle on your own, you should see a specialist for help.

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