Day of Wrath: when I want to scream ...

Day of Wrath: when I want to scream ...
 Today you are angry, given inappropriately issue - pluck the cry, and that the saddest thing - you find it difficult to control their emotions. In this case, deal with anger following tips will help.  

Day in the morning is not specified, the events do not take place on the planned scenario, things go awry - perhaps in this case it would be difficult to restrain yourself and not to scream at loved ones, even though they are not being. Learn how to restrain myself and not to offend people, unfortunately, are near you in moments of anger and despair. Firstly, mentally count slowly to ten - twenty. During this time, your rapid breathing returned to normal, attention will focus clearly on the issue, and thought in my head begin to work towards a solution to the problem. Then drink a glass of cool water. It also helps you to pull yourself together.

When you want to cry - cry, but so that you will not hear. You need to release the "steam", it seems that if, say everything that had accumulated - that the soul becomes easier. This is true. You need to talk. And do not continue to accumulate in itself anger. Go home to shower, turn on the power shower and let me speak so, as required by the soul. Imagine that next to you invisible interlocutor or your abuser, to which you have accumulated a lot of complaints.

The best way to get rid of anger and uncontrolled stimulation - exercise. Go to a sports club, a fitness center, get a rubber bulb, wear gloves and begin to beat on a pear in full force. A few minutes later you get tired and irritated replaced tranquility. As well to "come to life" swimming. Go to the pool, swim a few laps, and your mood will improve.

Another option to deal with anger - is to go to a concert rock band. In general, the noise of the event can be in full voice to sing along to musicians, dance and just relax. A change of scenery helps to take a fresh look at familiar things and places of anger in hours of fun simply will not.

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