Conflicts: women victims of violence

Conflicts: women victims of violence
 Nowadays violence, as it may sound bitter - a fairly common phenomenon. On Statistics, 15% of women suffer from harassment friends and those they know. Victims have had to endure tremendous physical and psychological trauma. And if violence is accompanied by intimidation, the woman may be in a constant state of stress.

Typically, a woman, a victim of violence, feels depressed and humiliated. Against this background, she may lose appetite and sleep, there is a distraction and forgetfulness, there may be some changes in behavior. Relatives and friends have to give it maximum support in this situation, in any case, do not blame her for what happened.

Often victims of rapists are teenage girls. In addition to these effects they may experience other symptoms: fear, urination disorders, severe confusion, isolation. Parents whose child suffered from violence, you need to ask for professional help, because without a rehabilitation course at the psychologist trauma of the incident can remain a teenager for life.

In addition, the violence faced by girls, unmarried, under the age of 25 years. By virtue of his levity and inexperience, they can be easily coerced into sexual intercourse.

After the rape of a woman there is a certain sequence of the events. First, the victim suffers a shock, does not want to talk about the incident to law enforcement agencies, doctors, relatives. Often, she is afraid of the reaction of others, ask questions about the consequences of pregnancy, the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

After some time there is a change of state. With the help of family or the psychology of women unable to cope with the situation, it is returned to normal life, feelings of fear and anxiety recede. Some women feel the need to discuss this situation, seeking to warn others of the kind, as well as trying to help the victims of the same as they are.

The consequences of rape are difficult to predict. Sometimes an event can lead to family breakdown, suicide, alcoholism, etc. It is crucial to seek help from a psychologist, who will return the patient to a normal life.

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