Color and its impact on a person's character

Color and its impact on a person's character
 As the sound, color, has such a characteristic as the wavelength. The spectrum of this characteristic increases from the red color with the shortest wavelength to purple. The influence of color on mood state, and even the nature of man was seen in ancient Greece. Today there is a system that determines the connection preferred colors and features of the character of a person.

Red is associated with an active life energy, vivid feelings and emotions, both positive and negative. It is most commonly associated with anger and passion. People who prefer this color - usually extroverts. They have a great capacity for work, achieve great success in life.

Pink color like romance and sentimental people who are prone to weakness and tenderness. Most fans of this color - the weaker sex. On the body color affects relaxing, calming, promotes imagination.

Yellow has long been associated with the color of gold and riches. Bright shades of color can cause ripples in the eyes and headaches. Pure shades help develop logic and analytical skills. Symbolically, this color is associated with youth, fantasy, possessiveness. People who prefer this color tend to solitude and original acts.

Orange combines the properties of red and yellow. Therefore, it also gives energy, but softer. Color is associated with maturity, ripeness. People who love this color, easily excitable, but their energy is used rarely.

Green color associated with tranquility and balance. People who prefer it, is often chosen as leaders, engaged in spiritual practices and religion. Others are not always patient with constant moralizing "green" people.

Blue - the color space, spirituality, symbol of the sky and truth. People who choose this color, freedom-loving, carefree, tend to constantly change the way of life and do not always fulfill their obligations. Color physically associated with freshness and renewal.

Blue - the sign of wisdom, peace and faithfulness. People of color - good friends, ready to sacrifice and selfless. They are fundamental and pedantic, like to read, often become philosophers.

Violet is almost equal to the black. It is preferred by people who are prone to depression. Traditionally, it is associated with mystery, nepoznannostyu, old age and suffering.

People do not always choose the pure color. In some cases, preference is given to a particular shade (purple, pink, purple, turquoise), or combination of colors. In such cases, depending on the more intense and pleasant colors in the character features appear in both colors in varying degrees.

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