Beware of the blonde!

Beware of the blonde!
 It would seem that the hair color does not play a role in human life. Modern hair dyes and tinting shampoos that can be purchased at any store for a few minutes can change the color of your hair. However, the blonde in this respect hold dissenting opinion. Over the past few years, almost blonde separated into a special class of people with their traditions, holidays and features.

In various parts of the globe parades Blondes under the motto "We make the world brighter." Neither brunettes or brown-haired, red-haired beauty nor repeat this feat can not be solved.

The word "blonde" has now become almost a household word. It symbolizes cute, but silly and frivolous ladies living present day. All shortcomings are more than compensated by an external appeal. Having made a short-sighted act, saying stupid blondes in no hurry to be shy and blush. They know that blondes forgivable.

All anything, but the image of a modern blonde lacks kindness, but this is sad. What makes them so incorrigible spitfire? Let's see!

Firstly, long known that visual appeal is very spoils a person's character. Accustomed to adoration and male attention, women can not appreciate real love and warm-heartedness. Accustomed hourly receive proof of their beauty, they are waiting for permanent compliments and courtesies. Not receiving them, ladies become aggressive and force pull in fans recognition, not disdaining tantrums and cunning tricks. The easiest way to regain the attention of men - give him a reason to be jealous, to sow the seed of doubt in his mind. Blonde beauty know this and use this trick without a twinge of conscience.

Also, do not incline to kindness, and the media. On television, there are more programs that promote audacity, bitchiness, cruelty and aggression. All these qualities make the girls supposedly modern, fashionable and stylish. After seeing a couple of these shows, it becomes clear that kindness today is not in vogue. As modesty. But it's a different story.

Keep up with television and magazines. Printed publications are full of headlines like "I bitch", "Blonde in chocolate" and "change your life, become a blonde." Blonde readers gradually begin to identify with this grand class and learn their manners.

Fortunately, not all blondes are. A lot of blonde beauties considers such behavior utter nonsense. They prove that blondes can be smart, kind and humble. I would like to give advice to men who dream of a blonde beauty: choose the "correct" the blonde!

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