Be active for yourself!

Be active for yourself!
 One of the main reasons for manifestation of laziness and apathy in man is sedentary. Regular execute the simple gymnastic exercises - a sure way to a good mood and well-being.

Activity in man is manifested as a result of the improved blood circulation, and improves blood circulation during the execution of certain movements. Of course, training in the gym with more demanding workloads would bring more benefits, but if you do not have the time, resources or have any other reason for not going to the gym, there is no great problem. You can always keep yourself in a good mood by performing a few simple exercises at home or in your spare time at work.

Start from the top down, that is, from head to foot. Mash the cervical spine: Take your hands behind your head to the castle, shoulders straighten blades are brought together. Hold for two seconds. Then, without dropping his hands, round the back, and elbows to connect the forehead. And so, repeat 10 times.

Now spin. Stand up straight, arms at sides, palms to the top. Take your hands back as far as possible. As soon as you reach the limit, follow springy movement in the same direction. Such movements do 40 times. After that, stretch your arms forward, connect them, round the back and hold for a few seconds so.
We proceed to the waist. Sit on a chair exactly. Lean to the left, pull the left hand down to the floor, and pull right up to the ceiling, pull your stomach and feel the tension in his right side. Make a well in the other direction. Do this 15 times on each side.

Exercise for belly is as follows: Sit on the edge of a chair, holding his hands over the seat, straighten your back, bend your legs, resting on the floor socks. Now, straining abdominal muscles, lift the legs off the floor and straighten them in the air, pause for two seconds, and also through the air return leg to the starting position. Perform 30-50 repetitions.

Finally, the legs. In a standing position, lift the leg bent at the knee, and do 30 circular rotation outwards, and the same for the other leg.

Do not forget about safety! Be sure to check the strength of the chair.

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