Application of methods of self-hypnosis

Application of methods of self-hypnosis
 With hypnosis you can relieve fatigue and stress, feel more relaxed and unfettered, and make your daily life more enjoyable. For example, came home from work, you drop from exhaustion, and you need to gather to visit. After a couple of auto-suggestion in hypnosis yourself out of cheerfulness, joy and new energy.

Self-hypnosis is unique in many ways remedy. For example, it can be used effectively to deal with insomnia. Go to bed, to plunge into a trance, and then go out in the ordinary hypnotic sleep. When this unit is about the self-suggestion: "I am relaxed with every breath. I am more and more sleepy. A few minutes later I was visited by a healthy night's sleep. I will sleep soundly, without waking up, all that night. "

After that should distract thoughts on something very pleasant. This is necessary because it is noticed: the harder a person is trying to sleep, the worse he gets. And you can be sure that you have secured a calm and pleasant sleep. If not, your insomnia is a symptom of neurotic, and must seek its roots.

Is it worth it to talk about the virtues of hypnotic anesthesia? You will be able to experience it, for example, in the cabin dentist. However, keep in mind the signaling function of pain, the body warning of impending danger. So do not anesthetize the appendix, although hypnotic anesthesia facilitates the last hours of dying from cancer. It is reasonable to use this magic tool only when it is really necessary.

Do you know for help self-hypnosis tuition? Learn to open your eyes in a trance, many times to enhance the efficiency of all mental processes. Improve your memory, sharpen perception, you will master the utmost concentration on the subject. Brilliant answers on the exam you provided. Opening his eyes hypnotized for the first time, tell myself that every time opening the eyelids, you dive deeper into a trance. This precaution is not superfluous: the association of actions with the awakening from sleep usually reduce the depth of the dive.

The easiest way to master the art of self-hypnosis by going to a psychiatrist, to apply the technique of hypnotherapy, and ask him to hypnotize you by entering the subconscious signal formula, using which you can then repeating this same procedure on their own, increasing over and over again the depth of immersion. Just do not go to the "Pop" hypnotist. You will only need a few independent exercise to dive deep enough.

If you can not find such a professional, do not be discouraged: using the proposed method, the technique of immersion you master yourself.

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