A short distance from the cad: choose the right tactics to communicate

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 Rudeness, to the great misfortune, is an essential part of our lives. Level of education and cultural literacy is high, not all social strata. And for this reason, domestic face rudeness and workers, and professors, doctors and cleaners. No one is immune from vulgarity. But you can learn how not to be a victim.

Briefly express the correct response to rudeness, we can say this: do not react aggressively and intelligently. Nezlobnaya rudeness - often the most appropriate response Screwtape.

Why can not respond intelligently?

Politely respond to rudeness - to say it in different languages. Imagine that someone asks you a question in English, and you answer in French? Understanding hardly be achieved.

Similarly with rudeness. Rudeness - a special language, style, emotional accents. And we must talk to the boor in his language.

Try to explain the theory of probability professor and preschoolers. You'll be speaking the same language, but in different words and with varying degrees of emotion. You're not going to lisp with the professor and pour terms with the child. So with boors. Politely talk to them - this is inadequate.

Why can not react aggressively?

Only in case the threat of physical violence boor can respond aggressively. In most cases, household rudeness amiss confident and clear rebuff, but without trying to hurt and offend his interlocutor. This can be a sense of humor, well-known jokes or sayings that allow defuse the situation.

Sometimes it can be tough to answer, using emotional expressions. But do not become personal, diagnose, call names. It glows situation increases the degree of conflict and may cause more rudeness in your address.

It turns out that the best response to cad - it's his own weapon. His language, his logic, but slightly sanitized.

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