6 Steps to a high self-esteem

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 High self-esteem - a prerequisite for success. After all, this feature helps to present themselves and in business communication, and personal life. If you often feel embarrassment and confusion, do not know how to present yourself when meeting, and during the conversation and are afraid to say a word, then it's time to work on them.
 Ideal does not happen

One of the most common causes of low self-esteem - the desire to invent, or worse, imposed ideal. Perfectionism makes a person feel constantly dissatisfaction. Especially if it is trying to achieve success in that case, which does not feel special interest, or does not possess the necessary abilities. For example, full-bodied girl can seek in vain for life to the parameters of 90-60-90, to experience dissatisfaction with his body, and therefore - to lose faith in themselves and in other areas. Rather than strive for "perfection", should try to understand and accept yourself with all the strengths, weaknesses, habits and character traits.

Rule 5

High self-esteem - is the ability to appreciate their own achievements. Even the most minor. An excellent exercise, allowing them to focus on the successes - "Rule 5". Every night before you go to sleep, move in mind the events of the day and highlight the five actions that are praiseworthy. For example, you have managed to defend its position at the meeting, to avoid unnecessary purchases while shopping, and so on. D. Try also to have a special "blog achievements", which will store information about positive experiences.

In a healthy body ...

It's no secret that exercise not only allow us to make the muscles more saliently, and the body more flexible. During exercise improves circulation, making the brain is saturated with oxygen. As a result, mental activity becomes more productive, improves concentration, resistance to stressful situations. Do not neglect exercise, but by the opportunity to attend training in the gym. Beautiful figure and a sharp mind - is not the terms of self-confidence?

One-man show

If you are lost, falling into the company of strangers, fear seem funny or awkward, try to use another psychological techniques. Imagine that you are an actress who stars in the film. Great if you have thought his "role" in advance if preparing for the role. What features would you like to reward her character? Surely in this list there is a place for self-confidence, calm, a sense of humor. Try to get used to the role and, once in the unfamiliar surroundings, behave accordingly. Importantly, do not overplay: languid lady with secular antics will look ridiculous to rally fans hitchhiking.

The correct comparison

Comparing himself with famous people, more fortunate acquaintances or friends, you will always be in a state of dissatisfaction with themselves and their own lives. In addition, psychologists believe that such a comparison is not an objective that every person has a certain set of intellectual and material resources, which determine his future success. But to compare themselves and present themselves last really helpful. Because of this you will be able to see their own personal growth, to understand what has changed over time, and to identify goals that should strive in the future.

Special literature

Of course, there are not many books that can help get rid of self-doubt and self-esteem. Think of this type of literature as an opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of other people, get new ideas and thoughts. Write out interesting phrases and psychological tricks that you liked in a diary.

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