You and his ex girlfriend

You and his ex girlfriend
 Started dating a guy any girl realizes that he has a past - a relationship, ex girlfriend, lover, wife. Guarding their new relationship, you begin to elicit details of the beloved novels of the past, to try to discover a reason for experiences, etc.  
 In fact, there is only one situation in which you should be wary of ex-girlfriend - if their life together was rich and diverse, they have something to remember. And those memories constantly slip into the process of communication with you - he often mentions it (no matter in what manner and for what reason), tells you about some situations from the past life related to his ex-girlfriend, tells the story of their acquaintance and t.d. Even more dangerous are the symptom of his meeting with ex-girlfriend - even if it happens once a year, that is a reason to think. As soon as the first signs of what his past passion arises between you, you should terminate the relationship - they will forever remain one-sided. It turns out that people have not experienced a break, experiencing feelings for ex-girlfriend, but you have already builds joint plans for the future. Believe him and wait for change is simply unreasonable. And do not think that you will be able to take place in his heart ex-girlfriend.

It is quite another thing, if a man has lived for some time with the girl, had a total way of life, interests and hobbies, then painlessly and quickly separated, left without looking back. Such relationships do not last long and, as a rule, do not leave in the soul of man is no trace. Men are generally alien to many experiences - met parted, went further. Therefore, if he even thinks of ex-girlfriend, it's nothing you will not be.

If your guy falls now and then intersect with the ex-girlfriend (joint children, live near, work together), then it is necessary to be alert. Watch for him, his reaction to talk about ex-girlfriend, gently ask, as it relates to the fact that they have often seen. If a person does not care, then it would be an appropriate response - indifference.

Gather information on ex-girlfriend useful - you figure out what type of women he was attracted, get a chance to know him better (habits, character traits). Often former passions are eager to share information, and sometimes even give advice or caution - in any case, their reaction to your inquiries and the information obtained can tell a lot.

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