What to tell her husband about his best friend

What to tell her husband about his best friend
 The man - a friend, a woman - a friend. For the majority of people is generally not subject to doubt. They asked a reasonable question: whether it is possible at all friendship between the sexes? Do not have the temptation to translate them friendship to a higher level? If a woman is free - even in this version there is nothing reprehensible. In the end, it's her personal life! Well, if she's married? Is it possible to do such a wife - a loving friend has a man? And as a wife to ensure that the husband is not jealous, never suspected her of infidelity?

A wife may have a friend were male! Moreover, it is not at all something out of the ordinary. The advantages of this option for women:

- No purely feminine jealousy, envy. After all, even the best friend the envy of finding a bunch of reasons: you have a slim figure, a pretty face, you can buy expensive things, to visit beauty salons, travel to resorts. To your family happiness, and the envy! A jealous woman, alas, is dangerous;

- The absence of a purely female drawbacks: the propensity to endless chatter, gossip, the same complaints. In addition, one-man hardly encroach on her husband. But girlfriend, break up someone else's family - a very widespread phenomenon.

Well, how to reconcile man with his friend, man?

First of all: in any case, do not hide this friendship! After all, if the husband found out about it (and he learns sooner or later) suspects the worst. And it will not be easy to convince!

Be sure to acquaint her husband and his friend. Pre told him how all your friendship was born, what positive qualities you find in other than it is interesting to you. Be sure to emphasize that you are perceived by others just as good company as intelligent, knows a lot, a man whose opinion can be trusted, but not as a man!

If your husband and friend have something in common (hobbies, interests), the better. Husband will be interesting to communicate with him. At the same time, he once again proved that it is really serious, thoughtful person you can trust.

In the presence of her husband, turning to the others and refrain from excessive familiarity, in any case, do not use a diminutive expression. Try to avoid anything that might arouse the jealousy of a husband.

And be sure - this is very important! - From the beginning of your friendship clearly and unambiguously mark the borders to cross that your friend is not allowed in any case. For instance, a friendly kiss on the cheek in person is quite acceptable, but more sensual touch, the slightest hint of a conversation or correspondence on closer acquaintance - no. However, if your friend is not a fool, and cherishes the friendship with you, he himself hardly want to risk it.

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