Tell me who your friend ...

Tell me who your friend ...
 Many proverbs describe human relationships and can be used as an argument in the debate. And if the pearl of folk wisdom sometimes contradict each other, to listen to them still stands.

"Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are" - is this true? Can an outsider to understand why steel intimate girlfriends two women?

Maybe the right saying: "Two of his boot - a pair." You have common interests, common aspirations, common values. You do not need long explanations to understand each other, and it is not hard to guess the reaction of the second half on an event. Then, most likely, will not have disputes, where to go and how to spend free time. However, to be friends with my copy is still boring and even difficult: some disadvantages too similar. Therefore, a pair or two left or two right boot and the left and right: similar and yet different.

Or maybe you have made friends on the principle of "Opposites converge." Remarkably, if different in character and life experience people help each other advice, word and deed. For example, for the benefit and mutual pleasure talking modest quiet clever and cheerful soul of the company. Clever Girl lacks adventure that abundantly accrue to the outgoing girlfriend. Fun girlfriend interesting and useful opinion clever. It may happen that the reputation of a girlfriend affect the reputation of another. Cheerful girl, who her friend helps to solve the control and transmits cribs in the exams, pass for a good girl, but about clever thinking: "In the still waters ..." - not for nothing that she is friends with this fun sprightly girl.

Possible relationship "Queen and maid of honor." One of her friends recognize the leadership other, and the queen protects the lady suite. Of course, these relations are unequal, but most likely, they suit both sides. The driven girlfriend falls reflection of the remarkable qualities of a leader, and the leader gets confidante, always ready to listen and sympathize. In addition, intelligent girl, watching the brilliant friend, she takes over those of its qualities that admires.

However different people were, friendship is only possible if they are sincerely attached to each other, otherwise it can be a partnership or a subordinate relationship, beneficial to both sides or just one.

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