No longer friends

No longer friends
 Friendship, like any other feeling, can end at any moment. People close to each other are no longer necessary. And, maybe it does break up the enemy. Sometimes the loss of a friend brings more grief than the loss of a loved one. After all, most trusted friend more than a partner.  

Just yesterday you were chatting, sharing their fears, dreamed together and drank scalding coffee. And today it is not. Ended. And well, if without recriminations and brutal revenge. It also happens parted like ships at sea. And there's more friendly advice, and ended that granted you warm for a long time.

Friendship can end differently. Sometimes people just grow apart. They have new interests, and other friends. And then it all ends more or less peacefully. Just remember sometimes that was once a good friend. Maybe even meet a few times a year. But that's about emotional conversations already have to forget.

People like and not an enemy, but a friend of his is not called. Old friend, so it will be possible to characterize it. And after some time, the memory will not be disturbed. And forget much of what is between you.

But there are also more sad situation. To break the friendship can lead serious quarrel or betrayal of a loved one. And then the feeling is different. Anger, jealousy, resentment and misunderstanding. Get rid of these emotions is very difficult, especially the injured party.

Days, weeks, months. But a sense of cool slowly, especially if the friendship was strong. And to replace the offense comes misunderstanding. Man begins to suffer, look for the causes of such behavior once a loved one. And most of all, he does not find answers to their questions. Even if he takes on former friend frank, it ends up with nothing. However, not always the case. Sometimes it ends with a big quarrel.

Understand and explain the behavior of the traitor is very difficult. Of course, he could be a bunch of excuses. But they do not justify such behavior. Last call might not be. And this is even more painful. A person can survive for a long time gap. Imagine various situations justify a friend or, conversely, to curse him.

When does the term, it is always painful and sad. Whatever the gap, he brings a lot of grief. Get rid of the negativity can only over time. Attempts to take revenge or to return the friendship will not yield results. The best thing you can do - is to accept and try as quickly as possible to survive this situation.

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