In-law: friend or foe?

In-law: friend or foe?
 Relatives are always a support for human rights. These are the people who care about you, no matter what. A particularly important role in the lives of many parents play. However, there comes a time when you have to get acquainted with the mother of her future husband. Who will be the in-law, friend or foe, no one can predict.

Experienced psychologists distinguish three stages in the development of relations between daughter and mother. First - it is very familiar, the second - the period after the marriage, and the third - the time after the baby is born.

Most often, the leading lady to the house, the son of a mother to prepare for her arrival. That is why it has a friendly mood. The girl is also eager to please his mother loved and not contradict it. If you do not want problems, even at this stage do not try to embellish themselves, talk about non-existent virtues, etc. Answer all questions honestly. For example, if you are ill-prepared, admit it. However, immediately add that for a long time want to learn, but to convey the experience of no one. Surely in-law will offer the help that only bring you closer. Most quarrels and conflicts started because of men. In-law can not understand that her boy had grown up, and the woman is not going to share her husband with her mother. So here, both parties must be official respect and understanding.

Scientists are also several types of in-laws.

"Girlfriend". In this case, the mother of your future husband is a modern woman who is far from squabbles, scrapes, etc. She is a successful woman, who cares about herself, and she does not care about your relationship. At the same time, it is extremely dangerous rival with which it is better not to face on the warpath.

"Vamp". This is a fairly complex type in-law, as daughter will have to balance on the edge. In no case can not fall into the "lose face" in front of a restrained and well-groomed mother of her husband, but also try to surpass its not worth it.

"Hen." Most mothers with time become real hens that for a minute can not leave her son alone. They are trying to save him from the many "problems" in the list of which risk to get you. Think carefully about the upcoming marriage, because your man has already become accustomed to this attitude, and you have to match.

"Victim". With this in-law very seriously. She never tries to rekindle the conflict, but at the same time every family problems perceived with the "pain" in his heart. Son, of course, at full speed rushes to reassure my mother, without ceasing to blame his wife in such regard.

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