Female friendship: reality or fiction?

Female friendship: reality or fiction?
 Men of all voices cry that female friendship does not exist. That the slightest conflict can bring it to nothing, that all women are by nature - and envious rivals, but the men's friendship is strong, and there is nothing it can not destroy. Are they right? Are women and friendship completely compatible? And if they are right, then why does it happen?

Where did come from a judgment that female friendship does not exist? And it is born from the very feminine essence, which is already more than a thousand years almost unchanged. The woman is always striving to be excellent, not only to please men, but simply by nature. And for this very nature, seeing another woman, she instinctively turns to her rival.

If two friends have approximately the same external parameters, rotate in the same circles and have the same level of income, they contend, in general, there is nothing. Especially if they have successfully developed both personal life. However, if one of her friends is clearly inferior to something else - say, not so beautiful - what a beautiful girlfriend in danger of becoming a victim of the blackest in the world envy. The same can happen if one of her friends happy in love, and the other one failure follows another.

Two friends could separate the interest and the same man. No matter how much the two women vowed to each other in eternal friendship, love still outshine all friendly impulses, and friends become rivals again. However, a similar pattern can be observed in male friendship - if the two of them like a woman, then it may be that the friendship will be ruined forever.

But the most common cause of male infidelity in women's friendship is a very common female hypocrisy. A woman can be called a friend that which internally despised and ridiculed, and the man can hardly be called a friend of whom can not stand. It is this hypocrisy and women makes men say that female friendship does not exist. However, men should remember that the truly wise woman never stoop to such hypocrisy.

 This friendship has many incarnations. Friendship, time-tested, endured many challenges and adversity, friendship, in which everyone had to eat a peck of salt, of course, possible, and among women. However, these girlfriends in women may not be much - one or two, but for a lifetime, but this is unlikely friendship is something that can destroy. This female friendship can not be based only on the usual "female" interests - discussion of cosmetics, fashion trends and men, believed to be at times, the men themselves. The basis of any friendship, no matter male or female, is in some deep understanding friends should be, as it were on the same wavelength. And women such friendship, of course, occur.

Men's and women's friendship - the concept is very different, but she and the other, no doubt exist. Otherwise, it was very difficult to live on this earth.

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