Especially female friendship

Especially female friendship
 The existence of female friendship, some have questioned. However, the real, deep and warm and friendly relations between women - not at all uncommon. More often girls and adult ladies are simply good friend. However, to a trusting relationship with your girlfriend suddenly broke down, should take into account some features of female friendship.
 The main advantage of girlfriends - their constant readiness for contact, conversation and compassion. Close friend - a safe haven, a place where women seek in the period of adversity and setbacks. Of course, the advice of friend are not always able to help. But they are not required. The main thing - the conversation, psychological acceptance. Women are always ready to listen and really appreciate this quality in a girlfriend.

Perhaps that is why it is more difficult to take someone else's success. Girlfriend you can rely on in misery, sadness and even grief, but joy and luck better experience alone. Psychologists have repeatedly noted that the life of fortune - a marriage proposal, winning the lottery or a promotion - the ladies are ready to discuss with parents, friends, male or even strangers. But here's girlfriend often left in the dark until the last moment. Girls afraid of the wrong reaction of disappointment, "evil eye". Sometimes such secrecy can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

Despite these little things, their friendship is built on boundless confidence. Girlfriends confide to each other the most intimate secrets, and later often regret it. Trust - a very strong feeling, and it can cause a sudden loss of no less strong emotions until a complete rupture of relations and a deep hatred for the former beloved friend. Female friendship devoid of semitones - it requires dedication and even self-denial.

In addition to true and deep friendship women can start a lighter surface and friendly relations. From these contacts do not need a special emotional impact, but the affection between old friends can persist for years and decades. But there are also quite different, less harmless variants - friendship against a common enemy or rival, selfish attitude in order to receive some benefits and privileges imaginary affection, designed to lull. Setting the stage for such contacts, the woman clearly understand why she communicates with one or another person. Psychologists believe that this flexibility - the result of subtle emotional organization able to generate and capture the most subtle undertones of relations between people.

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