How to get rid of computer addiction

How to get rid of computer addiction
 Computer addiction is defined by the following characteristics: loss of control over time spent at the computer screen, and lack of interest in the outside world. The addicted person is not interested in meeting any other requirements except for virtual games or hours of communication in social networks and on various Internet forums.
 Opinions of physicians as to whether the computer dependence of mental illness, diverge. Just like other addictions (alcohol, gambling), it is based on the allocation of the human body special pleasure hormones - endorphins. In the process of communication through the Internet, people often get what they can not or do not want to get in real life. In very advanced cases get rid of computer addiction is possible only with the help of psychiatric techniques, including the use of medications and psychotherapy techniques.

In most cases, you can beat the computer dependence on their own. To do this, first of all, to understand the problem and to set priorities. If in real life there are unresolved conflicts that force you to "hide" in the network, an urgent need to address them. After that the real world will cause you much more positive, and the virtual is gradually falling by the wayside.

Learn to keep track of time. Before you turn on the computer, arrange with them how many minutes you plan to devote to it. If this period is large enough, divide it into segments. Divide the amount of tasks to be performed on these segments, and clearly monitor their implementation.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking that it is useless hang out on the web, think about what you can take these moments for the benefit of themselves. Sites without which it is impossible to do, visit dosed and only after completed a certain amount of useful things.

Be sure to find an interesting exercise that can distract you from the monitor. Remember your old hobbies or invent new ones, the main thing that these things you enjoy, and time on the internet was less.

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