How to care for kitchenware

How to care for kitchenware
 Wash the dishes, it turns out - is not a simple thing. The process of care utensils requires some knowledge to really clean it well from various types of pollution.

Before you wash the dishes, with the surface you want to remove food debris. Then the plate is better to make a pile, and spoons, forks and knives folded into one of the deep salad bowls. Glasses, in contrast, can not be put into one another, as they may burst.

Start and finish washing the dishes recommended with pots, pans. These items are the most difficult to purify, especially if the food is burnt. Therefore, we first need to fill in the pan and the pan with water, preferably by adding baking soda in them, then leave them to rest while washing dishes.

Of these items should start with cleansing tea things, then wash the rest of the extent of contamination. At least clean the fattest plate.

Wash the dishes can only be special detergents designed for this purpose, it is prohibited to use detergent. It is recommended to wash greasy dishes with mustard powder or soda, then rinse with hot water.

And also with dishes from the eggs, dairy products, dough. Begin to wash her standing in cold water, remove dirt and residues in hot. This advice can be applied to the pan, cutting board, absorbed the smell of onions, fish, cabbage. Cold water is better beats steady "flavors."

Clear dishes from scale is possible, if for 20 minutes to boil it lemon peel. And if, along with potato peelings to boil pans and pans, dishes remain inside the light. Also, using the water in which the potatoes are being cooked, it is possible to clean the glass and pottery.

Common problem is burnt milk. Pan can easily wash, if you pour it in cold water and add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda, and then boil for 2-3 minutes.

If the pots and pans strongly scorched, you need to fill the bottom of a thick layer of salt, pour a little water and leave for a few hours. After that, utensils should be easy to clean.

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