Buy a sewing machine

Buy a sewing machine
 Sales consultants in specialized stores can help you find exactly the model of sewing machine that you need, and show it in action, but before the arrival of the store should understand the basic differences between today's models.

From the outset, it is necessary to determine what exactly you want a sewing machine: Are you going to use it once a month to turn in pants, or will operate it often enough; Will you work with different kinds of fabrics; whether you need when using decorative stitches; whether you want to perform machine embroidery.

The simplest and cheapest model - mechanical typewriter. Now they are used very rarely, more common and convenient option is an electro-mechanical. They work on the electric drive and control functions can be controlled mechanically. However, these machines can not perform complex lines, so the number of possible operations is limited. Electronic models are controlled not mechanically, but by built-in microprocessor, which can significantly increase the number of machine operations. There are also computer sewing machines, which can be connected to a PC to update the software, upload new patterns and types of stitches.

If you have decided on the type of truck you need, consider the following characteristics. Firstly, the most important criterion in selecting the number of cars is produced it operations, i.e. the number of types of lines. The larger number of operations, the higher cost of the machine. However, if the sewing for you is a favorite hobby, you should not need more than 40 operations. If you want to use a maximum of possibilities, you can choose a model with a number of operations more than 150. In this case, note what types of lines can perform the model: should ideally be enough decorative stitches, overcasting stitches, automatic execution of loops and knit overlock lines.

Of the remaining parameters, which you should pay attention to when buying a sewing machine, you can select the following. Automatic processing loops - a very handy feature, you only need to specify the size of the loop, and the machine will perform it in one go. Sewing shuttle preferable to choose horizontal, it provides a better place. To work with the narrow parts (arms, legs) it is convenient to have a tubular console, making it possible to remove a part of the working surface of the machine.

There are many other parameters that are different models. This, for example, the presence of the needle threader, the possibility of fine adjustment of stitch length and width, the possibility sewing without pedals, automatic thread trimming and others. The importance of having these functions each needlewoman decides for itself.

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