Study and work - compatible?

Study and work - compatible?
 Today, more and more students seek as soon as possible to begin his career. Studying at the University does not become an obstacle to job search, but their subsequent combination sometimes goes not very smooth.
 Device to work on the stage of higher education has two sides. Positive just attracts students who are ready for good earnings truancy. The negative side is shown during the sessions and especially during the preparation and defense of graduation projects.

Typically, the device begins to work in the third year. It was at this point the majority of students feel an acute shortage of money amid growing requests. There are many advantages that affect this decision. Thus, students are eager to increase their income and receive money not only from their parents but without their help. The desire for independence is pushing them to accept any job, whether it is the seller or animator.

Students are more responsible approach to job search. Those who begin their activities in the future specialty, has an advantage over their classmates. They get practical skills, experience working with people, the experience of which will be taken into account when changing jobs. In addition, working in the specialty, students have the opportunity to use my experience in writing term papers and even a diploma. These people are teachers with respect, forgive them small error and are ready to make concessions for the sake of knowledge is not in vain.

But there is a downside. Not every employer is willing to put up with the schedule of study and particularly exams. Sometimes need to get away for a couple of important and even taking tests or exams perceived hostility, students have to choose between school and work that is not successful in any of the spheres. On the other hand - teachers who are unhappy more often. Working students can not attend couples and often appears a couple of times per semester. As a result, all the anger breaks down on it during the session, which makes the situation even more unpleasant character.

It is that students resolve conflicts by changing graphics. For example, translated into correspondence or evening classes. In this case, and the university, and the employer are satisfied, but most students come extremely difficult. Time to rest are left physically body works hard. As a result, suffer and study and work, because to give everything a hundred percent not go there or there.

If you have decided on a combination of study and work, it is necessary to observe a few rules. Always try to find jobs in their field, or at least close to it. This will give an advantage at the time the session, and the employer will be interested in nurturing staff in his eyes. Do not cover work for shirking from school and learning at work absenteeism. In this case, you can not easily get an education and keep a job. Remember that working students spend maximum energy is constantly in a hurry and often do not have time, but do not relax for a second. And if you're ready for a busy schedule and soak all the tests, with the release of the University will be able to gain a huge advantage over their classmates.

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