What is a Press Release

What is a Press Release
 Presence information - a very important factor for the image and development companies for social events and promotion of various products. One effective way to achieve the expansion of the presence information are press releases.
 Press release called intended for members of the media bulletins, which contain documents or information to be urgent distribution. At its core, the press release can be called material, whose main task is to alert journalists, and then a specific audience regarding news or useful information that has social significance. In this case, although it is not an advertisement, interview or article the problem, but the specificity allows you to include in it the elements of these and other genres of journalism.

Any press release is based on the news about it, which may contain information about the event (if such announcement will be well-written and sent in time - it is guaranteed to ensure the presence of journalists at the event), the current or already an accomplished event. The reason for writing can be a lot of events. These include, for example, may be launching a new project, new products or services, visit the well-known person. In addition, it can be tendering and contests, promotions, seminars, exhibitions, anniversaries, awards and prizes, inventions, scientific achievements and discoveries. Among the reasons may also be sponsoring companies and their participation in charity events, opening branches, contracting and personnel changes.

This kind of involvement of public attention to the activities of the company or person known to have many advantages. First of all, press releases allow you to create and maintain a certain public opinion about the company and its services. It promotes brand awareness and the formation of the desired positive image. However, when using this tool, we should not lose sight of the fact that the interest of the press to information depends on the credibility of the company or celebrity. If regional or niche press certain information may be of interest, the same information is filed with the major publishers, there can be completely invisible.

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