Wallet that lures money

Wallet that lures money
 Experts in the traditions and superstitions are confident that the money can be offended by a man who keeps them wrong, and even dissuaded his "colleagues" to go into his hands. Stress that is particularly important beautiful and convenient purse - "home" for the money. What do I need to do to the money you have been comfortable?

It is believed that the money does not like to lie in the pockets, especially when folded, and even more so crumpled form. They do not want to be torn and hate when they pull together a rubber band. Needs a purse with which its owner will be able to "pump money muscle." This means that the purse should be very capacious, because it is advisable to wear the entire salary! Those who tried to "make friends" with money in this way, it is reported that at first scared carry with them the entire amount, but then you get used ...

With the money in your wallet should keep ... fuck! And best not to purchase, and from his garden. Astrologers say that this plant attracts the material energy.

In house-purse can be put found money, but with caution. Some, however, believe that to pick up the money - then programmed themselves to poverty. But most inclined to think that the coin is found lying "eagle" up, will only benefit the "house" -koshelku. But the "tails" of money does not lure the contrary - it is a loss, and to raise a coin should not be. And if money is accidentally dropped out of the purse, then collect them better right hand.

Can not borrow on Mondays and Tuesdays, and return the money - to shift from her purse into someone else - no need to Fridays. By the way, giving money in debt from her purse, you program them to return and are attracted to the "house" even greater amount.

Besides cash particularly respect those who "himself a banker," that is able to borrow from itself at interest. If you save up money, but then use the full amount or part of it for unforeseen expenses, you should negotiate with the money, for how long and under what percentage you pick them up. And to give this debt should be on time, otherwise the money will be offended and will be reluctant to come to you.

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