Terms planning workday

Terms planning workday
 You have repeatedly noticed that colleagues who are equally loaded with you somehow mysteriously manage to keep up with everything, while you do not have enough hours and have to stay at night to fulfill all planned. It comes from your inability to plan their working day. No matter what profession you have chosen yourself and what industry you work, this skill is useful to you at all times.

Organizer or diary will be your assistant in the planning process. Acquire the habit every night make up a plan for the next day. This will help you not only do not forget, but also to plan the execution of each case in accordance with the degree of importance and relevance of your perception that changes throughout the day. So, the morning is better to devote creative work that requires the most active mind and intellectual effort. After lunch, it is more expedient to carry out routine work.

Performance and speed of any business will be higher if you check your plan time to complete rest. Have time to break in working a little walk and get some fresh air, saturate the blood with oxygen. Once an hour to do a little break, talk with colleagues, have a cup of tea - such a change in activity and environment also will benefit the business for its implementation will require less time.

Do not be distracted by little things and try to do everything planned. Streamline your work. Consider how you can avoid duplicate work. For example, if you are working with the papers you want to view, and to give an answer, it makes no sense to separate these processes. When inspecting and examining the paper as the importance or priority of response, then you go back to him, ready to answer. Do it once, and then browse answer. Surely, you will find some of these duties, the execution of which can be reduced by optimization.

Remember that you are your own controller. If you want to relax, distracted by extraneous conversations with colleagues, no one except you, you do it does not prohibit. But such moments of relaxation and socializing add up to hours. If you do not want to be in the evening after work, keep yourself in good shape throughout the working day and not allow yourself to arbitrarily increase the break. Be able to get together and get back to doing business, which was interrupted by unplanned reason - an urgent meeting or telephone conversation.

Organize your work, summing up at the end of the week, consider the mistakes that hinder your plans and moved the terms of their performance, and avoid them in the future. Gradually, planning will become your desired healthy habit, and you'll always have time to carry out their job responsibilities and in time.

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