Tell me who you work for, and I'll tell you who you are ...

Tell me who you work for, and I'll tell you who you are ...
 There just are not professionals in the world. With the development of civilization and technological progress in the job bank there are new positions. Of course, each person chooses his calling on his heart or other reasons, but much depends on its intrinsic qualities, characteristics of thinking and even appearance. Position often determines the behavior and character, its role in society.

It is believed that the leaders - tough and principled people who know what they want and know how to achieve their own. However, the scope of the company and determines the nature of leadership. At the head of financial institutions are usually educated people who are prone to introspection and discipline. The world of money and numbers requires individuals to focus and ability to solve even spontaneously arising problems. Financiers seem boring, but in fact many of them clearly distinguish between work and personal life, which can be a place and feelings, and frivolity.
Director Event agencies, for example, can gush ideas fascinate all around, while with his subordinates to be strict and even unjust.

The most interesting profession - secretary or office manager. At first glance, nothing special about it: sitting in the office, swapping paper, poish bosses coffee. But in fact it is the most gold workers, provided of course that they love their work. These people know everything about everybody. They keep in mind a lot of the information you need: Phones contractors, addresses the nearest coffee shop, birthdays, staff and even the boss's wife's favorite flowers. From the Secretary can speak on any topic, because the scope of his interests and knowledge is quite extensive. In addition, it is an activity, active people who can empathize and ready to help at any time.

It was felt that those who take small positions in public organizations, angry at life in mind the lack of funding and a large amount of work. In fact, doctors, teachers and kindergarten teachers - people coming into the profession by vocation. Few people want every day to face with death or conflict children because of the prestige and money. Typically, these employees have the rare spiritual qualities, although sometimes there are rude. They know how to be compassionate and to remain calm in any situation.

Choose your path, do not turn from it, because to find a vocation - the most important thing in life.

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