Sedentary work - the problem of modernity

Sedentary work - the problem of modernity
 Several things at once can perform office worker, and it's all thanks to modern means of communication and computing. Colossal load gives a real fatigue by the end of the working day. Once all these activities solely the result of mental work. At the same time the body is not in the best position, and the absence of motor activity generates a lot of health problems.

Sedentary work - is the result of technological progress, far in the past the need for manual labor. Mankind has always sought to ease their plight and to avoid the execution of the sentence of Adam on the production of bread "in the sweat of his brow."

But achieving liberation from wordly stress for the body, has been received a huge problem with the overall health of people. Doctors have long been sounding the alarm about this. Weight recent investigations lead to the disappointing conclusion - sedentary work leads to a significant reduction in lifetime.

A list of dangerous diseases developing on this background in humans. This cardiovascular problems, occupying one of the top positions in the ranking of the sad disease leading to death. Here and diabetes, which has become the scourge of our time, gynecology problems in women due to stagnation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Start of terrible diseases often go unnoticed. Staying in a comfortable environment, loading themselves intellectual work, people ignore the initial symptoms of disease. Headache, fatigue, weakness and dizziness are familiar to most office workers.

Access to a doctor usually takes place on the stage of active disease manifestations such office as obesity, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, or low back pain. The brain ceases to work effectively because of problems with the spine and venous circulation.

The implementation of bold ambition, high social status and excellent financial prospects - the goal of any office worker. Undoubtedly, doing physical labor that does not require high skills, it is impossible to reach such heights. These are the laws of the modern world. But the price paid by mankind, choosing a sedentary lifestyle, is very high.

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