Profession, dangerous to the nervous system

Profession, dangerous to the nervous system
 As discussed in children's verse: "All professions are needed, all professions are important," but there are some, choosing which you should be prepared for the fact that your nervous system will face serious congestion. Note that opt ​​for them, you should have a stable psyche, quick response and a clear system of values, that is, to be emotionally stable and strong man.

Oddly enough, at risk are many medical specialties, especially surgeons and nurses. Nursing major factor that could be dangerous to the nervous system is in constant contact with patients and patients. This happens because the painful condition does not make people calm and friendly, and contacts with them are pleasant. As for the surgeons, there is also clear - the need to take responsibility and make decisions that affect a person's life, peace of mind is not added.

Constant tension accompanies the work of professionals who serve in the police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Here you'll encounter on a daily basis not only with the deaths, but also the manifestations of human cruelty, violence, mutilated psyche and its variations, and the most savage.

With human grief or personal degradation effects are constantly faced and bailiffs. Performing judicial decisions, they have to be evicted from their apartments and do homeless people who have not paid their loans. Of course, in order to work in this profession, you need nerves of steel and an iron will, the ability not to react to tear the elderly and children.

Gets a lot of cashiers and working in the sales area. They are in constant nervous tension, afraid to make a mistake and prevent shortage of money. In addition, a large stream of people with whom they have to work every day, is not always easy to maintain. There are buyers who may be inadequate and spoil the mood for the whole day.

Professions that require communication with people at all dangerous. This applies to the work of a journalist. Moreover, it is often necessary to work in the hot spots and the crash site, they still have to travel on the scene, interviewing all sorts of people with mental disabilities.

Greater nervous tension and the work requires the head of the company, enterprise. Here on the man's shoulders the responsibility not only for finance, but also for those people who work in the enterprise. Particularly large nerve stress experienced leaders in times of economic crises that happen often enough.

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