Office romance - not only the name of the movie

Office romance - not only the name of the movie
 Office Romance - not surprising phenomena in our lives. Someone was a party to the action, and someone from the observer. In any case, these novels ignite, like a flash, and go out for a long time and, of course, not without unfortunate consequences.

Office Romance of each plant, on the basis of their goals. Someone needs to move up the career ladder, and the novel with the head as well as possible contribute to this. Someone needs to achieve credibility in the eyes of colleagues and subordinates. And someone just enters into a relationship of light character, attitude short-lived and fleeting. Others start a relationship, to find out any information for selfish purposes.

If a woman starts to sympathize with the chief, the colleagues understand what it stands for. It is unlikely that she is doing, feeling warm and sincere feelings for him. In any case, the "evil tongues" are starting to whisper about what goals the woman, namely, to move up the career ladder, take a good position and did not get laid off.

At the time of a whirlwind romance between a subordinate and head of many colleagues will seek the company of mistress and maintain her friendship. Undoubtedly, because a woman can affect her lover-chief. Once the relationship between the two lovers begin to wane, and there are jealousy, strife, omissions and conflicts colleagues will certainly cease to communicate with her, expressing their dissatisfaction with it and showing disrespect to her.

But this protégé of the head in addition to personal problems need to resolve conflicts workers. But her depression, resentment, and the perpetrator of such a state of mind is always in sight. Not every woman will be able to work under such pressure from, and even before the chief accountable. There are only two choices: either to gather the strength to stay with the leader in the pleasant, friendly relations and to pursue their duties, or to leave and forget everything, like a bad dream.

In another situation where feelings are generated between an ordinary employee and the chief female colleagues do not remain indifferent. And in the eyes of management and subordinates of the woman she did lose credibility. Yes, and she begins to love lost in doubt, test whether sincere feelings for her or her favorite entered into a relationship with her, pursuing some selfish purpose. If the woman is still decided on parting with your partner, you should not do it drastically. Need to move away from the relationship gradually, to exercise utmost respect for the ex-lover. Otherwise, conflicts and scandals can not be avoided, and the angry man is unpredictable in its actions.

Of course, people at work often spend time in communicating with colleagues and business partners than with their families. Of course, may have arisen feelings among employees. But always, before you start a romance at work, need to think about what they will.

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