Life on Diary: advantages and disadvantages

Life on Diary: advantages and disadvantages
 Today, life business man is extremely busy. A day to do many things, spend a lot of meetings, phone calls, travel and much more. It is necessary to do everything and not to forget anything. So you have a pre-plan their working hours, or rely on their own memory and quickness.

Option planning the daily routine for the long term is to maintain diary. It can record coming in any given day of the event, and thus, any event will not be forgotten. In addition, you can assign management of daily meetings, negotiations, meetings to the exact date and time does not imply any other business. Next to the scheduled events can leave notes: contact persons involved, the agenda, information about the subject of negotiations, etc. This will avoid falling into an awkward situation and quickly find the right moment.

Thus, in the conduct of daily person on each page corresponding to a specific date, will have clear information about what they need to do that day, what time to be in a certain place, with whom to meet, what to talk about, etc. This not only helps to plan the schedule, but does not allow, for example, to appoint two meetings at the same time or forget about important phone calls.

However, life is full of surprises. Every day there are any unforeseen circumstances that can not be foreseen in advance. Often these circumstances prevent perform the works that have been pre-planned, or, conversely, eliminates the need for these cases. For example, if the planned meeting did not take place, the time allotted for her, a man who lives according to plan, goes to waste because it does not occupied. At the same time, those cases for which there was no time, have to move to a later date. As a result, the number of outstanding cases will grow like a snowball. In this sense, life on Ezhednevnik largely binds man, limiting its freedom of action.

The best option seems to be, as always, find the golden mean. Of course, business - especially planned for the long term, it is desirable to record, and try to plan in advance for your time. But, at the same time, we should not build this plan in absolute and perceived as something immutable and unchanging.

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