How to write your first article

How to write your first article
 Remote work on writing articles - comfortable modern look earnings. Try their hand in this field can you. If the relevant practice you do not have, it is important to prepare for the first theoretical paper, because of it depends further on this road.
 Select a subject of the article will be able to write, based not only on the available external sources, but also on its unique experience. Think about what aspect of the chosen theme will be most interesting to readers, and make the focus on him.

Before starting work on the text, sketch out a plan of the article. As his main points write thoughts or theses to which you want to draw the reader's attention. Make sure that abstracts were placed in a coherent logical sequence.

Each item of the plan open in one or more paragraphs. The result will be the main text of the article, which must be supplemented by the announcement and the final part.

Announcement is an introduction, it raises the problem or give a general idea of ​​the subject, which will be discussed in the text. Usually announcement consists of 2-4 sentences, its purpose - to interest the reader and cause a desire to read the article to the end.

To logically complete text article need the final part. Use the word "therefore", "finally", "well, besides" use other suitable means of expression, which implicitly give the reader understand the text closer to completion. In some cases, such as when the article is scientific or research nature, the final part of the relevant issue in the form of conclusions that should correspond to the style of the narrative as a whole.

After the article appeared in the announcement, the main text and the final part, you can start improving it. Read the whole text. Along the way, is recovering fragments that appeared unsuccessful you: writes additional information, remove the excess. Make sure that the same idea is not repeated twice, get rid of pests and words of another word, without which the text does not lose its meaning. Correct along the way grammar and spelling mistakes. Deducted article as long as you're satisfied with the result.

When this work is finished, aside for the moment. Returning to the article later read the text on the "fresh mind." So you can better appreciate the style of the article and note the lack of errors. If you are all arranged - your first article ready.

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