How to train endurance

How to train endurance
 If you quickly get tired at work, with short walks or minor physical exertion, then there was a serious reason to do its endurance training - a very important person's ability to do the work of a given intensity in a certain period of time.  
 Physiologists are two main types of endurance - aerobic, which means "with oxygen", ie muscle work using oxygen, and anaerobic, which means "without oxygen" when the muscles work and get energy without oxygen.

 The main principle of endurance training - systematic test organism to fatigue, which is achieved as a result of prolonged exercise. The result will be negative in two cases - if a small load and if they are too large, leading to fatigue.

 The golden mean - this is when heavy loads are alternated with rest, during which the body is restored. Good to start training with small weights - dumbbells or at the gym. If you doubt yourself, then buy a subscription to the gym and worked there under the program of endurance with the instructor.

 After an intense workout is always a fatigue. Classes should continue only after the holidays. 3-4 days is enough. Too big breaks reduce training at no. Continuing training, you need to gradually increase the load. This also applies to classes in gyms and conventional or ski runs.

Development of endurance with walking and running by using permanent and interval training. In the first case, training is carried out without rest. In this way, produced overall endurance, and endurance for a special recovery. During interval training or distance training load is distributed on small repeatable series when predefined parameters distance, tempo and rest-recovery. You can train on the treadmill stadium and in the park or in the country in open areas.

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