How to survive a blockage at work

How to survive a blockage at work
 Counting the end of the month, closing the quarter or check achievable within a year - all this involves an additional burden on work, which can not be avoided at all desire. Therefore, we must learn to survive in such situations.
 Stressful situations at work most likely to occur at a specific time, which means that they can prepare. You need to initially set up what will be a difficult period, which simply need to survive. It is advisable to try to solve all of its offensive potential minor issues, in order not to be distracted by them during excessive loads. It would also be well in advance to warn family members that you have a difficult time ahead. Perhaps they will try to take some of the household duties themselves, so that after work you can relax and be more lenient to irritability, which manifests itself in stressful situations.

But it is almost an ideal situation. Usually the blockage at work "dumped" out of the blue, and together with him and other difficulties, the solution of which also falls on your shoulders. In such situations, follow the manuals listed below:

Do not be nervous. Often people only in the anticipation of stress begin to rush from side to side and infinitely lament how much to do. Avoid this behavior. Keep cool. Really appreciate the most severe consequences of failure, the time that you have to address the issue and to overcome possible obstacles.

Proceed according to plan. To avoid confusion, check with the authorities: in what order of importance need to address the issues - and follow this schedule.

Remember Me. You live person, which means that productivity depends on your state of health. Do not neglect breaks and meals - it should be nutritious and healthy, in order to maintain power.

Forget about heroism. It is not necessary to burden all by yourself and prove that you are better than others. Humbly accept their limits and trust some other errands. This will not only help to quickly deal, but also show that you know how to work in a team and have the makings of a good leader - able to assign responsibilities.

Any stressful situation end sooner or later, and if you overcome it and stay on top, you can then justifiably proud.

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