How to stay healthy in the office work

How to stay healthy in the office work
 Everyone knows that office work can affect the health of the employee. The minimum movement in the office behind a desk taking a toll on the health of the spine and legs. To stay in shape, you need to follow a few rules in the workplace.

Sedentary work leads to a deterioration of metabolic processes in the human body. The result is obesity, diabetes and heart disease. To preserve the health office at work is necessary every 30 minutes to walk around your office. Help squats or a small set of physical exercises. Do not forget to do exercises directly on the desktop. To prevent pain in the head and neck to perform circular movements of the head. Also does not hurt to imagine that in the teeth of a pencil and write the alphabet in the air. Hands and wrists fit carpal expander.

Proper organization of the workplace will significantly save health for office work. Well-chosen seat will reduce the load on the spine. Ergonomically employee reduces the load on the entire body and increase productivity throughout the workday. We must constantly undergo examination by doctors because it is necessary to know its painful places. Constant examination by doctors to prevent the disease and show weaknesses in the body. Office worker is at risk individuals susceptible to expansion of veins (varicose veins). For this purpose it is necessary to compress wearing jersey, which is suitable and healthy people. More swim in the pool and walk for 15 minutes every day.

The main preventive measure in order to preserve the health office at work is a sports and frequent walks in the fresh air. Daily exercise and frequent walking from the bus stop to the workplace will significantly increase the tone and preserve the health of office workers.

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