How to send on vacation at his own expense

How to send on vacation at his own expense
 In the process, some employees use leave without pay. That is a vacation that is not paid. Also, it is not a prerequisite for labor relations, and the possibility left to the discretion of the manager. How can issue such a holiday?
 First, it should be noted that certain categories of employees are entitled to take leave without pay at any time convenient for them. Of course, in order to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings should be arranged at rest with the head, but it is not a prerequisite is for certain employees. These include:

- Persons with disabilities;
- Participants in the Second World War;
- Pensioners who retired upon reaching the age;
- Employees who want a vacation in the case of birth, marriage, death of a loved one;
- And other cases stipulated by the collective agreement.

To send an employee on leave, the manager must obtain a statement from him in writing. The employee must specify the objective reasons for the need to take advantage of the release, the periods indicated. If necessary, attach to the application copies of documents such as a birth certificate.

Contents of the statement may be something like this: "Please give me leave without pay from 01 December 2011 to 15 December 2011 in connection with childbirth. Copy of a certificate from the hospital attach. "

Keep in mind that the application should be written no later than three days before the holiday.

In that case, if you decide to answer yes to the application, you must make an order granting leave, for this legislation to develop a standardized form Wm-6. In order be sure to specify the duration of leave, as well as the fact that it is unpaid. This administrative document and sign the employee.

Next you need to submit the document to accountants, who produce by order of payroll, fill in timesheets and will make a personal card information officer.

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