How to register a trademark

How to register a trademark
 Trademark - a symbol of your ownership of inventions, know-how, in certain activities. In the event that your company is Russian, you can spend the process of registration of a trademark on its own.
 For foreign companies operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, provided registration of the trademark / brand only through patent attorneys. If in your case, this condition should not be met, then you will be responsible and hard work.

Start by learning the Russian legislation. Very carefully proshtudiruyte Law "On Trademarks ...". You must have a clear idea what you want to reflect in its trademark and whether it is possible under the law.

The next step - the creation of drawing directly trademark. Best of all, if you have the opportunity to seek the assistance of an artist who has worked on this, and not only has the creative talent, but also knows the specifics of these models.

Identify specific and clear list of products / services, which should cover your trademark. To find their way in this issue, be sure to refer to the International Classification of Goods and Services.

Check whether your trademark is patentable. This will help you open registries registered trademarks, both national and international. Spend this analysis carefully, depends on further registration.

Then pay the state fee, and send a letter to Rospatent with the application for registration of a trademark in accordance with the prescribed form. By proper application must include proof of payment of the state fee, a copy of the constitutional documents of the company (or a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur), as well as a letter FSGS, which defines codes statistics assigned to your company.

Based on your application Rospatent hold a formal examination. If you send us the documents meet the requirements, your application be admitted to the next stage - examination of the claimed trademark. This examination will establish its uniqueness, and check all other settings. If violations were not your trademark will be officially registered.

The site of Rospatent taken a lot of useful information, there you will be able to consult on matters of interest to you.

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