How to reduce stress

How to reduce stress
 Tension in the team is fraught with a number of consequences: in addition to the birth of rumors and gossip, general dislike reduces productivity, so the normalization of the situation among subordinates in the first place is more interesting to the head.
 Unfortunately, without the possibility of independent work colleagues and subordinates is less common than we would like. Work under stress occurs when there is a clear collective distaste for one or another of its members. In most cases, there are objective reasons for this. The most urgent problem is only in the fact that the leaders do not seek to say goodbye to their "favorites" in respect of which most often appears inadequate attitude. Subordinates in this situation can be understood: nobody wants to work more than others, without receiving additional remuneration.

When it comes to subordinate staff, the strain at work is associated with a number of aspects. Most often it occurs in a new place of employment, when the new members of the team are looking all around.

Reduce stress hard enough, but possible. Having lived through the period dating from the staff team, even if the worst scenario, try to find a relatively soul mate with whom you can communicate. Universal recommendations for how to improve relations in the team, just can not be, because everyone is different. Only need to make a start on what the new team will have to adjust to the rules that are in it, rather than trying to dictate.

It does not matter which raises the voltage, you must learn how to disengage from the situation. If the voltage is transferred to family members, it will only exacerbate the situation.

But excessive frankness to work for anything, it can have adverse consequences. The easiest way to resolve the problem of tension in the team, when it does not affect leadership. In this case, the problem does not entail the risk of dismissal. If we are talking about pressure from management, it makes sense to learn the basics of labor law, or separate from the stress of the conflict will be much harder.

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