How to organize the department

How to organize the department
 The need to create a new department may be in the company if it is expanded, the emergence of new activities. Organization Department - responsible process. It is necessary to do so in a manner that at minimum costs could achieve maximum economic benefit.
 Department - independent integral structure and you need to determine all the functions that it will perform. It needs to have a clear idea of ​​how it will be used in the overall structure of the enterprise, which information and raw materials will come into it "input" and that should be "out." Make a detailed description of the ideal model of your submission. Think about activities and measures that will get this result.

If possible, communicate with your business colleagues, read the existing experience to create structures with similar functions. Examine the company's infrastructure, analyze the difficulties which may arise in the design and operation of rate risks.

Consider the optimal structure of the new unit. Shall describe it with all the features that he will have to perform. Highlight the ones that can not be combined with other, think about how you can combine the rest. Determine the number of performers and qualifications of each of them, depending on their functions, workload and assign responsibility.

After that, think about how you should organize jobs, what hardware and software you need. It all depends on the number of employees, their functional and load. Provide an option of expansion, so that a dedicated room had enough space to accommodate jobs and equipment.

Prepare the necessary package of internal documents - the position of the department, job descriptions, requirements for operating results. Make staffing and start hiring an employee. Not necessarily just complement the entire state. Take the main performers, log on and gradually, as necessary, to recruit new, choosing worthy without haste.

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