How to open a small business

How to open a small business
 Starting your own business - a very important step. Often aspiring entrepreneurs, not being able to create a great company, go to the small business to avoid serious costs and accelerate profit.
 First we need to decide what exactly you want to do. Much easier it will be to work out the work in the sphere of business where you have experience, allowing you to avoid mistakes and troubles. There is a whole list of activities for which you can provide services to the public.

After selecting the industry for your business you need to register as an individual entrepreneur. To do this, fill out the necessary documents (Form P2 1001 et al.) In the presence of a notary. In addition, the need copies of all important pages of your passport and a receipt for payment of the state fee (900 rubles). Contact the person at the notary's office, which will help you draw up the documents as necessary.

While documents are being properly checked, it's time to putting the future of the company. Make sure that your place of work was close to important highways of your city. It is desirable that in the area of ​​your organization existed as little as possible competitors in your area. Keep in mind when planning expenses that the cost of renting premises in the central part of settlements is high enough. In addition, it is possible that you will have to produce a certain amount of rearrangement, and perhaps to make repairs that can also fly you a pretty penny.

Carry out all the necessary procedures with the room, go purchase all necessary for instruments or commodities. Shopping is best to go to a different kind of trade framework, so you can save a certain amount of money. If you buy a product with a small shelf life, check it carefully to avoid problems with their customers.

Before starting their own business, make a plan under which the company will pay off. Check with them their current affairs and, if necessary, adjust the goals and objectives of your business.

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