How to negotiate

How to negotiate
 During the negotiations need to competently use the tools of business communication. It will depend on the success and development of the company as a whole. Ability to negotiate effectively - a kind of art that must be learned.

Greeting should be given special attention, since from the beginning it is necessary to form a favorable attitude on the part of the partner. The proposal, which is discussed in the negotiations must be correctly and clearly stated. It is important to convince the opposing party that, accept your offer, their company will be a significant benefit.

It is important to bring detailed reference that is a person or group of people with whom you negotiate. And already on this basis, to put forward arguments that will justify their ideas or suggestions.

You must not only be able to generate interest and convince a partner that will be beneficial for him to take part in your project, but also be able to understand his wishes as much as possible to meet him.

You can not interrupt or disrupt the opposing party in mid-sentence. Need to observe basic psychological laws and ethical rules. It is important to listen to the customer, not only because it is a manifestation of politeness, or you hear something very clever, but also to his words to find arguments in their favor.

During the talks can not move away from direct answers or dispose of empty platitudes. It should be clear and confident. Do not need to pause in anticipation of comments on your proposal.

At critical moments, if you find it difficult to answer, do not get lost, lowering his voice, speaking in a whisper. It is important to show that this issue is causing your difficulty.

It is not necessary to adopt the posture, gestures and facial expressions - at least it will look ridiculous. It is important to observe a setting on the interlocutor. Live conduct negotiations adds emotional impact.

It is important to be aware of what your service or proposal differs from similar competitive offerings to emphasize its advantage.

After negotiations, no matter with what result they ended, can be written in a notebook all the strengths and weaknesses of your line of conduct for the future use of these as clues.

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