How to make translation from vacation

How to make translation from vacation
 If you need to transfer the employee to another structural unit of the same company, then it is called displacement. In this case, the right to leave the employee is retained. And the terms of the employment contract concluded with a specialist, do not change. To do this, you must obtain the written consent of the employee in the form of a statement, to issue the relevant documents.
 When you move the employee to another service with the same employer (legal entity) should ask the employee to write a letter. It is prescribed request transfer to another department (a division). The statement is dated, signed by the expert. The document is initialed by the sole executive body or other authorized person.

Entitlement to leave the employee is retained only if the terms of the employment contract (job title, salary, name of employer) are not changed. But when transferring to another service company agreement to be concluded, as the name of the department, which will serve the employee, will be different. The document is dated, numbered (with contract number remains the same), signed by the expert, the director, the seal.

Moving need to arrange the order of the transfer. It must contain the company name, number, date of the document, as well as the theme and the reason compilation. In a substantial part of the order written personal data of the employee, the terms of the contract that has changed, in this case a structural unit.

When transferring the employee to another department need to make changes in the personal card, employee's work record.

In the event of a transfer specialist to another employer (even to a similar position with the same salary) contract with the employee is terminated. Entitlement to leave in this case the employee will not be given compensation for his unused days. When the owner opens another firm and takes the entire staff in it, then it will also be referred to as a translation, as a legal entity already stated. It is regarded as a new employer. Leave for employees is not stored, as there is a renegotiation of labor contracts.

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