How to make the structure of

How to make the structure of
 When you create a company in the first place you need to plan its structure. It implies a hierarchy of the company's departments, levels of government and the distribution of functions between the functional units. To plan, you must have the staffing, according to which it will be possible to determine the future composition of the staff.
 First, arrange the statutory documents on which you will carry out activities, hire employees and to make changes in their employment records. Statutory documents relating to the organization of the firm and should contain the name of the enterprise, ownership, legal status, data ownership, property firms indicated controls and structural units. After that, for the head office and each individual unit of need to document their own structure.

Go to the creation of staffing, which should include all units, office workers, their salary and any possible extra charges. Specify details such as the name of the company, the date of preparation, the procedure for establishing positions and their hierarchy. In the document fits the monthly payroll and number of employees in the state, making it mandatory in accordance with the LC RF. You must use a form approved by the regulatory instructions, but every company can make adjustments based on the specific activity. Schedule subject approved for several years, but better to create it for one year, and then only to re-register in accordance with changes in the structure or the wages of a worker.

Next, you need to approve and agree composed staffing HR team members and the chief accountant. Then place an order stating that the document is approved by the director or his authorized representative.

Is also sometimes practiced by the introduction of an instrument of regular arrangement that works together with the staffing table, but at the same time is more dynamic. It records all changes in the composition of the enterprise, but it does not require publication of the order approving or modifying. In the standard arrangement shall contain information on employment and vacancies, as well as the names of employees.

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