How to love work

How to love work
 Happy man on the job comes with joy. And after work happily returned home. But what if the end of the day happy, and it saddens start? To stop living from weekend to weekend and begin to appreciate each passing day, my job's worth a try to love.
 Love for money?

Money does not happen much. There is always a desire and objective reasons why your salary could be more. Often, however, there are situations when a person goes to a paid job, but can not cope with new loads. As a result, he refuses to work for big money with a smaller salary, but a more comfortable environment.

It is not necessary as the basis of his love for the work of laying the salary. Love for money is not there. In addition to the monetary interest in the work must be other positive aspects. You need only to look good.

Burn out at work?

Dislike for work often occurs when the end of the day you feel like a "squeezed lemon". If after a hard day no power to spend an evening with friends, go to the movies, do household chores, to devote himself to the family, then it's time to time management.

Inability to count their forces and to plan working hours of the work itself does not. Applying the classic techniques of time management, you can set a pace of work that will be comfortable to comply.

As if in a terrarium

Even doing things you love, you can dislike their jobs because of the situation in the team. When most of the day you feel like a terrarium, it is difficult to experience joy. However, such a situation can be used as an opportunity for self-development. For example, visit interesting courses on conflict management, rhetoric, communication skills, etc.

Come to the rescue of various books and philosophical, psychological, religious content. Of these books can try to extract the truth that is easy to love those who love you, but a great feat, and love their enemies.

Maybe someone can help parable of interpersonal communication. One of them tells about a boy who complains about her mother that high school students teased him all the time. Mother did not feel sorry for her son, and advised to get rid of internal hostility to offenders, and if need be, and to help them in trouble. The same advice can be given to those for whom colleagues - snakes. Indeed, in many respects depends on the person, will the team for his second family.

The country is ideal chiefs ...

Perhaps somewhere there is a country ideal superiors. But as you know, well, where we do not. And poor management is often a cause of dislike for work. Of course, you can leave. But guarantees that the new job will be a good boss, nobody will. Therefore it is better to change the attitude towards this situation.

You need to convince yourself that the meeting with the leadership will be an excellent way to improve your ability to handle stress and resourcefulness. In addition, the dislike of his boss often unites the team - the law of successful movies: "In the movie box office must always be a hero, which is pleasant to hate."

Psychological techniques

If you feel that love his work is absolutely not for that, is to talk with friends about their work. They certainly tell such horrors that you never dreamed of. Realizing that things are not so bad, ask yourself what benefits you bring people to appreciate their significance.

Do not let yourself turn sour at work, constantly find an excuse for self-improvement and development.

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