How to learn to concentrate

How to learn to concentrate
 The ability to focus on the performance of certain work is necessary in order to better and faster to finish. Especially this concentration is needed when a large volume of tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible.
 Do not just collect my thoughts, if they are engaged in solving some problems or resolve the situation. Therefore, we must first deal with this problem. If possible, be examined with the question that your thoughts are distracted, or let yourself installation to perform the work required, and only then do the rest.

It is often difficult to engage in the work process because of extraneous distractions, such as mobile phone, e-mail, software for instant messaging, music and so on. If you notice that certain things violate the workflow, then discard them. Believe me, it's better to turn off for one hour a mobile phone and quickly get the job done than to spend three hours and it also calls on the mobile phone and still get less quality results.

It is also useful to listen to your body. Some people it is easier to focus in the evening, and the other immediately after waking up. Consider the features of their biorhythms and plan an intensive work during those hours, especially when you are able to work. In addition, create a Statement weighty motivation that will encourage you to perform the task.

People who routinely perform many duties, note that you can not do without planning. They make a list of necessary cases, indicate the approximate time it takes to perform them, and note problems in order of importance.

The attention affects health. If people do not get enough sleep or feels unwell, then the activity will slow down significantly. Believe me, it is better to rest for half an hour, and with renewed vigor to get started than to pace yourself and torment, annoyed that you can not do everything quickly. Even if you feel fine, make small breaks to rejuvenate, stretch your muscles to rest your eyes and so on.

Do not think that some of the tips may not be applicable in your case - try to start to make sure that you have done on their part all you need to focus on work. You may be surprised results.

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