How to get paid more

How to get paid more
 The desire to make more money is only natural for a person who has worked for some time and deserved it by their actions. But to ask for allowance of their superiors, you must carefully approach this step.
 Before you ask your guide on the rise, analyze your current experience. Ask yourself the following questions, preferably in writing:

• What do you personally do for the company?
• How many new customers you manage to attract?
• What have you been useful in the implementation of various projects?
• What is your personal contribution in promoting the brand of the company?
• Are you new challenging assignments, which are not mentioned in the employment contract?
• Did you take the responsibility in difficult situations for the company?

If you answer, you know that you are a really valuable employee, then you have all the moral and actual right to request a raise in salary. Very rarely happens that the employer (senior manager) he takes the initiative in this matter and increases employee or position, or increases its income.

Oftentimes, it simply is not for this time. So you need to have on hand the facts and evidence of their achievements to handle them in a conversation with the general manager.

Pick a good time to communicate with his superiors. It is best to ask for a raise in salary after a series of successful events in the company. Do not need to do that if the head remains not entirely in a good mood.

Observe the ethics of business communication and consider the nature of his head. If he likes to listen to all the detail, start talking about how you pleasure to work in this company, and what you have done for her lately. And only then announced his intentions.

But if he loves brevity and concreteness, start right off the bat. List all the things that you have done for the company. Present facts and dates of their success. And then tell me what you want to receive a greater reward for their labors.

In any case, once you do, you just stop and wait for a pause. The more you have done nothing. Everything will depend on the head. If he says that he would think, then it is a very good sign. You are likely to enhance the salary or you - in office.

If it does not, then grasp the basic work with renewed vigor and come to the authorities only after some time. Your perseverance and desire, in the end, will be rewarded.

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