How to get my affairs in order

How to get my affairs in order
 Very often a mess so strongly penetrates into life, that when there are thoughts about his elimination, this is not always successful and easy. Because things and things are already out of obedience. However, do not despair. Should I just start all over again and act at the same time according to the well-thought-out plan.  
 You can start by making a list of the most important aspects of life that need to be put in order, and to identify priority areas. Some things need to be addressed immediately, because if in the near future does not begin to engage, for example, your health, the situation will only get worse. It is best to detail their views on this subject on paper, to start eliminating the mess on the table.

It is necessary to plan the time in such a way to devote the day tidying one of the problems, and tomorrow to take up another. Do not try to fix everything at once, because in this case there is a risk tangled. It is better to think about every aspect of life alone, pushing the other on the back burner for the time being. So it will be easier to find the best ways of solving problems.

It is important to get rid of all the excess that has accumulated over a long period of time while in his life was a mess. If the day is devoted to putting in order of health, you can throw unnecessary things sports. Better to leave only what is needed, what will really help solve the problem. Everything else should be removed. After a small number of objects easier to use, easier to keep in order.

Should carefully consider the new way of life, create laws, which he will submit. Exact laws help to notice the error, leading to deviations from the new way of life. This will provide an opportunity to correct them quickly. However, it is important that such laws and regulations did not have too much to they can be easily soblyudat.Mozhno develop new habits, because the old have not justified. It is important to realize a different person and solve their problems in accordance with it.

You need to look closely at the world around them. Too many people are able to keep control of their lives and their work, and very useful to ask them to share their experiences. It is important to learn how to find these people everywhere and learn from them.

Be sure to do one day a week weekends to take a break from putting in order, to take stock and plan further action. If you live in constant tension, the result could be a nervous breakdown, which in no way help bring life back in order. Much better to take the time and work at your own pace. And, of course, most importantly, you should always believe in success!

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