How to find a talent

How to find a talent
 This word originally meant a measure of weight of precious metals (gold and silver) and the corresponding currency. Only with a light hand of the person known by the same term became known as a high degree of talent in a particular area: science, art, sports, etc. On the assurances of psychologists and educators, talent has anyone, although not everyone has developed it in yourself.
 Formulate talent in one word, as a rule, is not possible. Moreover, for any type of activity requires two or more talent. For example, a writer, besides a good knowledge of the language must have considerable experience to describe the situations and characters, as well as an understanding of the composition and literary form. Similarly, in other spheres of activity.

Write down on paper your skills. You can use any ability, developed above average. Permissible even minor details and features: a critical stock character, the ability to understand the technology and the like.

Combine your skills in the group. For example, a well-developed literacy and it can be attributed to language category. One and the same skill can be in several categories: for example, an ear for music can accompany both musicians and interior designer or director.

The category with the greatest number of skills, talent is the most developed. Do not be surprised if such talents will be two (for example, many musicians have a tendency to literary work). If related abilities present in other categories, then you have a chance to develop other talents.

Proceed and analyze their actions. Try the forces, especially those listed in the list of talents. Objectively evaluate the results and efficiency of their abilities. In the future, thanks to a critical view, you can understand how to improve yourself.

This method allows you to detect and classify the talent that is already manifest in you. However, less developed skills should not be ignored. Analyze and develop their weaknesses. But do not despair if develop other gift will fail.

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